TherizinoKrebs is a Nazi kaiju created by MosuFan2004.

Appearance Edit

TherizinoKrebs is a therizinosaurus with orange scales, Hans Krebs' head, gray claws and the Nazi symbol on his legs.

History Edit

After TherizinoKrebs and other Nazi members, including DilophoFegelein were hiding in Führerbunker during the extincion of dinosaurs, TherizinoKrebs signed for the tournament of map-pointing. He won the tournament and got the #1 map-pointer trophy and $100000 as the reward, he and other members used that money to refurbish Führerbunker.

Abilities Edit

  • Claws: TherizinoKrebs has long claws.
  • Map-pointing: TherizinoKrebs can map-point.
  • Geography: TherizinoKrebs knows geography.

Trivia Edit

  • TherizinoKrebs is based on Hans Krebs from Hitler Rant Parodies.
Nazi Kaiju
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