Thomas Hardy is the greatest author of the 19th Century and today.

History Edit

Thomas Hardy lived in the Victorian era until 1928. He was the best writer known to man. He is best known for his novels set in the "fictional" English area of Wessex. his works set in Wessex are:

  • Under the Greenwood Tree (1872)
  • A Pair of Blue Eyes (1873)
  • Far from the Madding Crowd (1874)
  • The Return of the Native (1878)
  • The Trumpet-Major (1880)
  • Two on a Tower (1882)
  • The Mayor of Casterbridge (1886)
  • The Woodlanders (1887)
  • Wessex Tales (1888)
  • Tess of the D'Urbervilles (1891)
  • Jude the Obscure (1895)

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