Obama for Supreme Tomato.

Titanollante is the leader of the Rulers of WIki, and guardian of the Sacred Tomato Plant.


Titanollante was the leader of Rulers of WIki during the Great Era of Stuff Happening.

Zilla Name WarsEdit

Titanollante has their humble beginnings in crusading against TurokSwe and other Zilla fanboys. The war can be seen most prominently in the history of Wikipedia's Zilla (Toho) [or whatever that page is now called] page and in Matt Frank's "Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #2" cover art DeviantART submission page (where he literally disabled the comments because of a flame war!). Ultimately Titanollante's cause was proven to be bullshit by ex-Sony worker and true kaiju expert Keith Aiken, officially ending the Zilla name change wars and forcing Titanollante to accept the fact that Godzilla 1998 and Zilla were separate legal entities.

The RiseEdit

In 2014, Titanollante became a Wikia Star for their contributions to the [then on Wikia] Wikizilla. They even sent Titan a Wikia Stars backpack for free.

The FallEdit

After the reveal of the new Wikizilla, Wikia took harsh action against Titanollante. They were demoted, Wikia Star status removed, and globally banned as a result of spreading the word. However, Titanollante still owns the Wikia Stars backpack--having the last laugh.

Boy-Korra ConflictEdit

He helped The Boy Who Cried Godzilla to protect the Sacred Tomato Plant from The Boy Who Cried Gamera. Titanollante and The Boy were then totally waifus, but then after a dispute over a trip to Hawaii, they began to see other people, namely Korra. They have since gotten back on good terms, and have continued to work flawlessly to protect the stuff, and do the things.

Mr. Reeves IncidentEdit

A moron known as Mr. Reeves harassed users on Wikizilla's "KAIJU PROFILE: Shin Godzilla" video's comment section, making up bullshit, being extremely hubris-filled and failing to back up any of the garbage he spewed with any evidence other than "I KNOW IT'S TRUE," leading to his pussying out once he was backed into a corner after he was exposed as a hypocrite and deleting his comment after repeatedly insulting Wikizilla arrogantly and smugly. He was henceforth ripped apart by Titanollante's tentacles, permanently destroying him.



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