Tokulandia (Serbian: Токуландиа | Japanese: トクランディア) is a small as fuck country created by MosuFan2004 (IRL). Officially the Republic of Tokulandia is a small state and it is located in MosuFan's whole backyard and house.

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The flag uses the Serbian colors in order (red at the top, blue in the center, white at the bottom). It has a golden double-headed eagle, referencing the Serbian white double-headed eagle. It has an orange crown above the eagle and a weird shaped thingy with Japanese "Godzilla" on it.

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Population Edit

Tokulandia's population are MosuFan2004's kaiju figures. The people who live in Tokulandia are Tokulandians.


Geography Edit

Tokulandia border

Located in Meljak in Serbia, it is a small country, and MosuFan's whole backyard and house are creating Tokulandia.

Cities Edit


Kaijukistan Edit

Kaijukistan is the capital of Tokulandia. It is the smallest city in Tokulandia and it is located in MosuFan's house.

Mothree Edit

Mothree is the second biggest city in Tokulandia. It is located all around New Kaijukistan and it hits the border.

Godzillantos Edit

The biggest city in Tokulandia. It is located in the forest of Tokulandia and it hits the border.

New Kaijukistan Edit

New Kaijukistan is still a work in progress city. it is located in the center of Mothree.

Orgagrad Edit

Orgagrad is located all around Kaijukistan and it hits the border of Tokulandia.

Public holidaysEdit

Table copied from Wikipedia

Tokulandia has exactly same holidays as Serbia, because IT IS IN SERBIA... LOGICS!!! But it also celebrates kaiju birthdays.

Date Name Local Name 2015 Date 2016 Date Remarks
1 January1 New Year's Day Nova Godina 1 January
2 January1 2 January
7 January Julian Orthodox Christmas Božić 7 January Serbian Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar
15 February1 Statehood Day Dan državnosti 15 February Anniversary of the First Serbian Uprising in 1804 and the first Serbian Constitution in 1835
16 February1 16 February
See Date of Easter Orthodox Good Friday Veliki petak 10 April 29 April Serbian Orthodox Church calculates Easter using Orthodox Computus
Orthodox Easter Vaskrs 12 April 1 May
Orthodox Easter Monday Vaskrsni ponedeljak 13 April 2 May
1 May1 May Day / International Workers' Day Praznik rada 1 May
2 May1 2 May
11 November1 Armistice Day Dan primirja 11 November
3 November Godzilla's Birthday Godzilla-in Rođendan 3 November 3 November
30 July Mothra's Birthday Mothra-in Rođendan 30 July 30 July

If any of the non-religious holidays falls on a Sunday, then it extends to the next working day.

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Millitary and Defence
Tokulandian Air Force and Air DefenceTokulandian Armed ForcesTokulandian Army
Rainbow MothraGodzillaGameraAlien BaltanLegion PlantSoldier Legions
KaijukistanNew KaijukistanMothreeGodzillantosOrgagrad

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