The Tokulandian Air Force and Air Defence (Serbian: Ратно ваздухопловство и противваздухопловна одбрана) is the air force of Tokulandia and service branch of the Tokulandian Armed Forces.

Design Edit

Coat of Arms Edit

The Tokulanidan Air Force and Air Defence coat of arms has Armor Mothra's wings with Serbian colors in order (red, blue, white) in them. The coat of arms also has a red star with yellow border, it is a reference to SFR Yugoslavia.

Role Edit

  • Maintaining airspace dominance.
  • Intercepting and eliminating airspace violators.
  • Providing air support and transport for terrestrial units.
  • Responding to natural disasters.

Aircraft and Personnel Edit

Aircraft and Personnel
Rainbow Mothra 17 - 1 Attacks any kind of air troop or land troop.
Legion Soldiers (flying) 20170426 215653(0) There are 3 of them, they only attacking smaller troops on both land and air.
Gamera 20170426 210358 Attacks any kind of air, land and water troop.
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