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Wikizilla: Rulers of Wiki (also known as Wikizilla Adventures) is a comic created by real people in the real world that began production in November of 1993. It is a reboot of Wikia Heroes and follows the adventures of the Rulers of Wiki, a group of people who do hero type things, or just go to lunch. The series later spawned six spin-off series named The Somewhat Pointless Adventures of Zippy, The Ultra-Violent Adventures of Redman, Incredibly Ludicrous!, The Boy Who Cried Godzilla Adventures, Titanollante's Bizarre Adventure and The WTF Adventures of a Couch. The series began to decline in popularity over time and more and more illustrators and writers left.

Eventually, the only person left on the team was the main man behind the comic himself. As he was commissioned to stay on until Issue 408, he took up the mantle of writing and illustrating each comic from Issue 397 and onward. This caused an obvious drop in quality as he had no experience with MS Paint, though he slowly learned new things over time. These issues were not very consistent with the other 396 issues, rehashed some old plotlines and even avoided established continuity, bringing back such characters as Rita and the Skroopdoops. The series came to an end after the 408th issue which featured Titanollante fight the ultimate battle. Issues 397 to 407 are not considered as part of the canon, though the 408th issue is regarded as the finale of the series.

Despite this, the popularity of the series in its heyday means that it is unlikely the series will remain dead forever. In 2017, a group of long-term fans desperate to see new adventures with the characters got together and created a fan-made comic that follows GodzillaZero-One that was titled Zero to Hero: Rise of a Legend. Though it wasn't canonical, it proved that there was still some life to the franchise.


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