Wikizilla Heroes is a short film based on the comic "Wikia Heroes".

Production Edit


Plot Edit

A group of mutant Kaiju-human superheroes have been collected from all over the world to an island secured by a group called Wikia which is composed from humans and bots. The group forms a unity called “Wikizilla”, and sworn to protect the world and it from various threats.

Cast: Edit

  • Titanollante: a human who was absorbed by the remains of a Godzillasaurus-Rose hybrid and was attempted to be stabilized with Titanosaurus DNA but the experiment later failed and turned him into a Kaiju.
  • The King of the Monsters: the second member of the Godzilla species that has been discovered on earth
  • LesStudios: a human superhero ninja that grew to kaiju size do to alien powers.
  • KoopaGalaxian: a human superhero that is absorbed alien powers.

The Skroopdoops are set to be the main antagonists, but they will be designed closer to real bananas.

Possible sequel Edit

This film may earn a sequel titled "Rulers of Wikizilla", based on Wikizilla: Rulers of Wiki comic series, and will include more characters then the short.

Further continuations and spinoff adaptations depend on the success of the series.

Trivia: Edit

  • The film will be submitted for an animation contest that ends in March 15.
  • The film is set to include references to The Avengers, X-Men, and to the Godzilla franchise respectively.
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