Zippy is the second son of Deathrock9 and Rita. He was created as a replacement for BRK after he grew up and got married to his own wife. As he is not a normal child, he does not age and therefore is the perfect child for Deathrock9, as he will likely never leave him. Zippy has shown that he is talented in many things, be it creating music, infiltrating police stations, filming commercials or actually wandering on to the set of the Rainbow TV show in a human disguise and meeting the real cast.


Deathrock9 and Rita were hoping for a second son after BRK had grown up and moved out to live with his own wife and start his own family. However, this hope faded away after the Celebrity Bots captured Deathrock9 and permanently transferred his mind into a robot body. However, after watching a YouTube video titled Dalek Zippy, some episodes of the TV show Rainbow and the special edition of The Weakest Link featuring Zippy and George with other puppets, Deathrock9 realised that he could still have a son. He put a lot of research into the project and eventually created a clone of Zippy with parts of his own DNA. Zippy lives with them at their house but quite often leaves so that he can try new activities and have fun. He enjoys many things such as writing, drawing and creating music. He once impersonated a policeman and infiltrated a police station. He soon left the safety of his home to travel the world in his new spin-off series. He befriended Fox Mulder and together, they fought Spooky Aliens. The aliens wiped Mulder's mind and took his memories. Zippy decided to postpone his travels so that he could team up with Mulder to recover his memories. After a battle with the ZIP-0 robot, Zippy and Mulder finally confessed their love for each other, getting into a loving relationship. After many adventures, Zippy was unfortunately killed in a standoff against Max Doosh. He was later resurrected after Deathrock9, Slimer and Skele-Man McGee rescued him from the Under World.


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